The demand for people who understand the subject well has increased too. This already shows that the air conditioning branch can bring a lot of money in the future, but unfortunately no one will believe you know how to actually install, you need a course, a certificate, to prove your understanding in the subject. This, for a long time was a problem, because the lack of time is great and only increases. But thinking about it some teachers will gather to take an air conditioning course online and remedy this problem. In order to know more about Air conditioning installation Geelong, one can always take the help of the internet. Now comes one of the most important moments of the process connecting the gas pipes to the indoor unit outputs.

Let the outer units be in the supports and keep them fixed

Soon after the units are secured to the outdoor unit, we need to mount a drain for the water flow in the outdoor unit. Now that the whole outside is ready and connected to both the pipes and the electric power, we need to connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit, the first step is to unscrew the end caps of the appliance tubes and the gas outlets. Once all this is ready we need to remove the lock nut by releasing the upper valve, pressing very fast four times, these movements allowed tubes to be fixed in the correct places they should. Loosen the screws of the electrical unit by connecting the wires to the terminals with the corresponding colors as soon as you finish wrapping the wires and tubes in thermal tape. Now the step is to fill the entire hole between the wires with the mass and make the fixation on the cover. At the end of the last step, it is necessary to check that everything is installed in the correct way or in the correct and safe way, check for leaks, make some soap and place them on the valves to make sure there are no leaks. In the process of how to install the air conditioner, if there is a leak the soap bubbles that have been placed on the valves will reveal, soon after this check turn on the unit.

Turn on the remote control and start enjoying a job well done

It is very important that you remember to check if the drain was well installed, this is because your outlet may end up dripping or accumulating in places where it cannot exist, so it is necessary that the place is well protected where the installation is being done of air conditioning. Not least important is always to follow good tips on how to clean Split Air Conditioning, so that your equipment has an even longer life and a longer time. This tutorial is just a simple way to install and below I will leave a method for those who want to make a living installing air conditioning.